BICA*AI 2021: BICA Workshop at ACM IVA 2021, a virtual event. Fukuchiyama, Kyoto, Japan, September 14, 2021
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UTC! Authors and *Presenters Title Prog# Talk#
8:00 Alexei Samsonovich Opening words for BICA Workshop at IVA 2021 55 1
8:10 Alexei Samsonovich*, Yuliana Karabelnikova, Vladimir Tsarkov, Vlad Enikeev, Denis Semenov et al. Toward a socially acceptable model of emotional artificial intelligence 55 2
8:20 Taisuke Akimoto Development of COMOS Architecture Based on a Story-Centric View of the Mind 19 3
8:40 Rosario Sorbello* and Carmelo Calì A theoretical and experimental case for the computational study of mind: an AI humanoid robotic platform for honest signaling 57 4
9:00 Antonio Lieto (keynote) Cognitive Design for Artificial Minds 40 5
10:00 Alexey Kovalev*, Makhmud Shaban, Evgeny Osipov and Aleksandr Panov Vector Semiotic Model for Visual Question Answering 32 6
10:20 Zalimkhan Nagoev and Irina Gurtueva* (CANCELED) Generalized structure of active speech perception based on multiagent intelligence 36 0
10:30 Zalimkhan Nagoev and Olga Nagoeva (pres.: Irina Gurtueva*) (CANCELED) Multiagent neurocognitive models of the processes of understanding the natural language description of the mission of autonomous robots 39 0
10:40 Howard Schneider Causal Cognitive Architecture 2: A Solution to the Binding Problem 23 7
11:00 Olga D. Chernavskaya On modeling the possible effect of self-isolation on cognitive and creative abilities 51 8
11:20 Break + Poster Session 1 — PREVIEW ONLY Poster previews can be accessed at any time at Mozilla Hubs. Register to get the link.   9
12:00 Nate Sutton* and Giorgio Ascoli Spiking Neural Networks and Hippocampal Function: A Web-Accessible Survey of Simulations, Modeling Methods, and Underlying Theories 7 10
12:20 Alsu Sagirova* and Mikhail Burtsev Complexity of Neural-Symbolic Representation in Working Memory Correlates with the Complexity of Task 21 11
12:40 Isabel Klemme* & Mariet Veerman* An Integrative Second-Order Adaptive Network Model for the Effect of L Reuteri Probiotics in the Gut on ASD Symptoms 65 12
12:55 Gülay Canbaloğlu*, Jan Treur, and Peter Roelofsma Computational Modeling of Organisational Learning by Self-Modeling Networks 20 13
13:10 Jan Treur and Laila van Ments* Reflections on Dynamics, Adaptation and Control: a Cognitive Architecture for Mental Models 63 14
13:25 Laila van Ments* and Jan Treur Modeling Adaptive Cooperative and Competitive Metaphors as Mental Models for Joint Decision Making 62 15
13:40 Tijmen Beemster*, Nathalie Bijleveld, and Jan Treur On Becoming a Conspiracy Thinker: A Second-Order Adaptive Network Model 64 16
13:55 Gülay Canbaloğlu* and Jan Treur Using Boolean Functions of Context Factors for Adaptive Mental Model Aggregation in Organisational Learning 29 17
14:10 Albert Efimov, David Dubrovsky, and Philip Matveev* Walking Through the Turing Wall 42 18
14:30 Sam Adams*, Ricardo Gudwin*, and others (panel) Discussion Panel 1: Considering dimensions of intelligence 60 19
14:50 Ivan Axel Dounce*, Luis Adrián Parra-Avellaneda, and Felix Francisco Ramos-Corchado Bio-inspired computational object classification model for object recognition 26 20
15:10 Oscar-Guadalupe Hernández-Calderón, Carlos-Johnnatan Sandoval-Arrayga, Gustavo Palacios-Ramirez*, Natividad Vargas-Hernandez, Francisco Robles and Felix-Francisco Ramos-Corchado Bio-inspired task-rule retrieval model with auditory sorting test 25 21
15:20 Felix Francisco Ramos-Corchado*, Alexei Samsonovich*, Sam Adams Discussion Panel 2: BICA Society Panel 0 22
15:20 Felix Francisco Ramos-Corchado A plan for the conference BICA*AI 2022 in Jalisco, Mexico 0 23
15:30 Alexander Sboev, Anton Selivanov, Gleb Rylkov, and Roman Rybka* On the accuracy of different neural language model approaches to ADE extraction in natural language corpora 56 24
15:50 Bren Worth* and Mei Si Integrated Multi-Task Agent Architecture with Affect-Like Guided Behavior 35 25
16:10 Break + Poster Session 2 — PREVIEW ONLY (CANCELED) Full virtual poster session with a banquet will be arranged later, in October or November of 2001.    
17:00 Isabel Barradas*, Agnieszka Kloc, Nina Weng, and Jan Treur A Second-Order Adaptive Network Model  for Exam-Related Anxiety Regulation 9 26
17:20 Frank de Jong*, Edgar Eler, Lars Rass, Roy M. Treur, Jan Treur, and Sander Koole From Mental Network Models to Virtualisation  by Avatars: a First Software Implementation 27 27
17:40 Elisabeth Fokker*, Xinran Zong, and Jan Treur A Second-Order Adaptive Network Model for Emotion Regulation in Addictive Social Media Behaviour 67 28
18:00 Sander Siepel, Melissa Kohler*, and Jan Treur The Interplay between Craving and Impulse Control: an Adaptive Network Model for Drug Addiction Treatment 66 29
18:20 Joao E. Kogler Towards a working definition of cognitive processes suitable for design specifications of BICA  59 30
18:40 Artemy Kotov*, Anna Zinina, and Liudmila Zaidelman How robots can percieve and express a social gaze in communication with humans 45 31
19:00 Alexei Samsonovich*, Sam Adams, Ricardo Gudwin, and others Discussion Panel 3: Will our generation see the big breakthrough in AI? New BICA Challenges today 68 32
19:20 Andy Williams The Architecture of Cognition as a Generalization of Adaptive Problem-Solving in Biological Systems 10 33
19:40 Philip Jackson Toward Human-Level Qualitative Reasoning with a Natural Language of Thought 2 34
20:00 Roman Dushkin and Vladimir Stepankov* Criticism of the «Chinese Room» by J. Searle from the Position of a Hybrid Model for the Design of Artificial Cognitive Agents 1 35
20:20 Adam Bennett* and Tony White Dynamical Properties of Spiking Neural Networks with Small World Topologies 53 36
20:40 Oleg Sychev Combining neural networks and symbolic inference in a hybrid cognitive architecture 52 37
21:00 Adjourn Many thanks to all for making BICA 2021 another great success!   38