BICA*AI 2021 Virtual Poster Session : November 28, 2021
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1 A 1     Roman Dushkin and Vladimir Stepankov Criticism of the «Chinese Room» by J. Searle from the Position of a Hybrid Model for the Design of Artificial Cognitive Agents
3 B 1 Larisa Ismailova, Sergey V. Kosikov, Igor Slieptsov and Viacheslav Wolfengagen Specification Language based on Linear Temporal Logic for Automatic Construction of Statically Verified Systems
6 B 2 Larisa Ismailova, Viacheslav Wolfengagen and Sergey V. Kosikov Semantic management of domain modification in a virtual environment for modeling vulnerable information subjects
8 C 1 Andrey Cherkasskiy, Marina Cherkasskaya, Alexey Artamonov and Ilya Galin User group classification methods based on statistical models
13 A 2 + Kazuteru Miyazaki Proposal and Evaluation of Deep Profit Sharing Method in a Mixed Reward and Penalty Environment
14 D 1 + Vasilii Volodin and Andrej Tolokonskij Application of machine learning for solving problems of Nuclear Power Plant operation
15 D 2 + + Margarita Zaeva, Andrew Evstifeev and Nadezhda Shevchenko The control algorithm of compressor equipment of automobile gas-filling compressor stations with elements of fuzzy logic
18 B 3 Viacheslav Wolfengagen, Larisa Ismailova, Sergey V. Kosikov and Sebastian Dohrn Cognitive System for Traversing the Possible Worlds with Individual Information Processes
22 D 3 Evgeny Tretyakov, Dobrica Savić, Anastasia Korpusenko and Kristina Ionkina Sentiment Analysis Of Social Networks Messages
24 A 3 Vyacheslav Orlov, Sergey Kartashov, Denis Malakhov, Mikhail Kovalchuk and Yuri Kholodny Evaluation of fMRI data at the individual level
28 D 4 Larisa Lyutikova Application of the multi-valued logic apparatus for solving diagnostic problems
30 B 4 + Sergey Misyurin and Andrey Nelyubin Genetic-Memetic relational approach for scheduling problems
31 B 5 + Sergey Misyurin, Yuriy Semenov and Elena Semenova On the Possibility of Using the Vibration Displacement Theory in the Analysis of Ship Accident Rate Using Artificial Intelligence Systems
33 A 4 + Sophie Hendrikse, Sem Kluiver, Jan Treur, Tom Wilderjans, Suzanne Dikker and Sander Koole A Second-Order Adaptive Joint Decision Making Model Virtualized by Two Virtual Agents
34 A 5 Anna Igrevskaya, Alexandra Kachina, Aliona Petrova and Konstantin Kudryavtsev The Research of Characteristic Frequencies for Gesture-based EMG control channels
36 A 6 + + Zalimkhan Nagoev and Irina Gurtueva Generalized structure of active speech perception based on multiagent intelligence
38 C 2 Tamara Temirova and Rafael Abdulov Digital transformation of the economy and industrialization based on Industry 4.0 as a way to leadership and high-quality economic growth in the world after the structural economic crisis
39 A 7 + Zalimkhan Nagoev and Olga Nagoeva Multiagent neurocognitive models of the processes of understanding the natural language description of the mission of autonomous robots
43 B 6 + Sergey Misyurin, Andrey Nelyubin, German Kreinin, Natalia Nosova, Arkadij Chistyj, Nikolaj Khokhlov and Egor Molchanov Robot Hexabot: Kinematics and Robot Gait Selection
48 C 3 + Anna I. Guseva, Elena Matrosova, Anna Tikhomirova and Matvey Koptelov Means of information support for the program of increasing public loyalty to nuclear energy projects
49 D 3 Sergey Leshchev Informational, Logical and Material Boundaries of Computer Intelligence
52 C 4 Oleg Sychev Combining neural networks and symbolic inference in a hybrid cognitive architecture
56 C 5 Alexander Sboev, Alexey Serenko and Roman Rybka Correlation encoding of input data for solving a classification task by a spiking neural network with Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity
59 D 5 Joao Kogler Towards a working definition of cognitive processes suitable for design specifications of BICA
74 C 6 + Alisa Suyuncheva and Alexander Vartanov Comparison of ERP in internal speech (meaningful and non-existent words)
76 C 7 Nikolay Maksimov, Golitsyna Olga and Alexander Lebedev Knowledge Graphs in Text Information Retrieval
80 C 8 + Pavel Leonov, Viktor Suyts, Vadim Rychkov, Anastasia Ezhova, Viktor Sushkov and Nadezhda Kuznetsova Possibility of Benford's Law Application for Diagnosing Inaccuracy of Financial Statements
86 A 8 Vasily Shpak Fundamentals of a multi-agent planning and logistics model for managing the online industry's reproduction cycle
89 B 7 Igor Slieptsov, Larisa Ismailova, Sergey V. Kosikov and Viacheslav Wolfengagen Construction of Statically Verified System Interacting with User in Question-Answer Mode According to the Specication Set by the Formula of Linear Temporal Logic
78 D 6 + Anatoly P. Durakovskiy, Victor S. Gorbatov, Dmitriy A. Dyatlov and Dmitriy A. Melnikov Security risk management methodology for distributed ledger systems
81 D 7 p Nikolay Maksimov, Olga Golitsyna, Gavrilkina Anastasia and Alexander Lebedev Semantic generalization means based on knowledge graphs  
82 D 6 + Svetlana Nosova, Anna Norkina, Olga Medvedeva, Andrey Abramov, Svetlana Makar, Nina Lozik and Galina Fadeicheva Artificial intelligence technology as an economic accelerator of business process
87 D 8 p p Svetlana Nosova, Anna Norkina, Olga Medvedeva, Svetlana Makar, Sergey Bondarev, Galina Fadeicheva and Alexander Khrebtov The collaborative nature of artificial intelligence as a new trend in economic development
88 D 8 p p Svetlana Nosova, Anna Norkina, Olga Medvedeva, Irina Arakelova, Victoria Grankina and Lidia Shirokova Digital technologies as a process of strategic maneuvering in economic development
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