A virtual conference of two venues: Vienna and Fukuchiyama

BICA Event at IS4SI

The event was held on September 13 with some parts of it scattered during September 12-19. Please visit the alternative site: https://summit-2021.is4si.org/ or email the event organizer, David Kelley .

BICA Workshop at IVA 21

The total duration of the Workshop was 15 hours. The schedule is linked below (all times are in UTC). For each talk or panel, a video recording is available: click on the image below to get to the links. A poster session will be organized later in the Fall. For more information, please email Alexei.Samsonovich@gmail.com

Schedule of the Plenary Session with Video Links:

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(click to view) (Tip: after clicking on a video link, press "f" for Full-Screen mode)

BICA*AI 2021 Virtual Poster Session

BICA*AI 2021 Virtual Poster Session was held on Sunday, November 28. The session ended with a virtual banquet. All posters are allocated in Mozilla Hubs, where participants can socialize and discuss them, and in the Virtual Convention Center (VCC) available for download, where viewers can enjoy poster presentations by emotional bots. To locate a poster, use this Poster Schedule.

How to View Posters in VCC:

You are encouraged to view posters presented by bots locally on your computer in VCC at any time. To try VCC on a Windows computer, download and unpack the app from
then open the folder and launch the file VCC_local.exe
Actually, I ask you to try two versions of the app, the second one is at
I would be very interested in your comments on the difference, which is in the bot behavior.
Email any comments to Alexei.Samsonovich@gmail.com

VCC Instructions: when the environment opens, press the Tab key and select a room.
Use the W,A,S,D keys and the mouse for navigation.
If you approach a poster with a girl standing next to it, she will offer to tell you about the poster. During her presentation, by pressing the left Ctrl key, you can interrupt her and select one of the options: repeat the last phrase, continue, or end the presentation.
To zoom on a part of the poster, hit the "z" key and use the scroll wheel. Hit z again to exit zoom mode.

Other useful functionality:
- Clicking on the Mozilla Hubs sign on the wall takes you to the same room in Mozilla Hubs.
- In the cafeteria, the left screen can be used as a browser window (you can control it). The image is duplicated on the large screen on the right.

The advantage of Mozilla Hubs is that it works in a browser, and you can interact with other participants visiting the same room. Here are the links to MH rooms again.

Room A — https://hub.link/zXhf8Es
Room B — https://hub.link/n7bFBwd
Room C — https://hub.link/Vt5F3V6
Room D — https://hub.link/YExSVm2

Posters are allocated in VCC according to the attached table. Authors, titles and abstracts can be found at https://bica2021.org/speakers/

Virtual Banquet

Video recording of the BICA*AI 2021 Virtual Poster Session with Virtual Banquet at the end of the session is available on Vimeo (https://player.vimeo.com/video/651744542) and on YouTube (https://youtu.be/l504wjYNp2k). Enjoy!