A virtual conference of two venues: Vienna and Fukuchiyama

Workshop Program

The total duration of the Workshop was 15 hours. The schedule is linked below (all times are in UTC). For each talk or panel, a video recording is available: click on the image below to get to the links. A poster session will be organized later in the Fall. For more information, please email Alexei.Samsonovich@gmail.com

Schedule of the Plenary Session with Video Links:

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(click to view) (Tip: after clicking on a video link, press "f" for Full-Screen mode)

How to Attend Future Poster Sessions:

Please register for attendance in EasyChair by entering your name and email at
https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=bica2021. Login as author, select the first track, enter a minimum of required data (e.g., your bio or "N/A" as abstract).

Information about the event is distributed to all authors registered in EasyChair. Talks and discussions take place in Zoom with personal screen sharing. Posters will be discussed in VCC and Mozilla Hubs on another day. All sessions are recorded and will be posted on YouTube. Participation is free but requires approval by the chair.

How to View Posters in VCC:

Current version of the Virtual Convention Center (VCC) can be downloaded here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/xaer8726x0w4oh6/Demo%20%28exec%29.rar?dl=1 (638 MB, for Windows 10).
Instructions: download, unpack, run VCC_local.exe, press Tab, select ROOM 1 or ROOM 2, come close to a girl so that she sees you and starts interacting.